Did you ever leave the room ?. Rencontre / discussion avec l’artiste Vida Simon, dimanche le 3 décembre à 14 h

Rencontre / discussion avec l’artiste Vida Simon

Dimanche, 3 décembre 2006 à 14 h
Lieu: 7044, rue Saint-Urbain (entre Mozart & Jean-Talon)
info: (514) 271-4691

A woman is in a hotel room overlooking the city where she lives. She stays there for days devoted to the sole focus of drawing with no distractions. Sometimes when she hears a body enter the room she crawls under the desk and props up a drawing like a door. She is concealed. For a long time she stays there, still, quiet, her breathing huge in this confinement. A hand extends out and begins to blindly scratch with vine charcoal. (I don’t remember what I drew at that moment. In fact there are many parts that escape me, such as all the drawings within one drawing – erased, wiped away, disappeared in order for others to take shape). When she emerges she makes eye contact with them. This is important. She hands them each a piece of walnut.

How to return?

For those who visited the hotel, and those who didn’t:
You are invited to take part in an informal discussion following Excavation Drawings, a performance-installation that took place at the Hôtel de la Montagne from October 10-15, 2006 and supported in part through Skol’s As If All Were Well 2006/2007 programming. This will be an opportunity to revisit some of the themes, questions, responses, that the work brought about.

This event will take place in the artist’s studio, where she will unpack some of the drawings, photographs, and source material from the project.

Vida Simon’s installation/performance work combines various forms including drawing, writing, hand-crafted objects, sound, and movement. While her work is visually-based, she tries to create situations that undo representation, through integrating the spectator’s participation, obscuring visibility, or revealing processes that are normally kept «behind the scenes.» Drawing live often plays a central role in her performances.

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