SKIDMORE presents A Shrinking Violent / Oboro Gallery


From Montreal media pages to cabaret stages to… a pig farm in Bali?

When Skidmore suddenly vanished in 2003, it was reported that her alter ego, Bob Loblaw wasn’t just an act. She was in Bangkok getting a sex change. But the truth that took the former Hour Arts Editor and Skidsofrenic columnist, Gazette book writer, and Kiss My Cabaret hellboy to southeast Asia was far more wrought.
She accidentally fell in love.

There, in North Bali, next to the Mosque, behind the Hindu Monkey Temple, on a mosquito-fevered no-gods’ land, Skidmore put her words to play to create an East meets West CD, A Shrinking Violent.

Textured narratives woven with field recordings, classical music, and original music by Jackie Gallant, A Shrinking Violent stars Alexis O’Hara, Gigi L’Amour, Pipi Doleur, Stephen Lawson, Aaron Pollard, Jon Anderson, and Bob Loblaw.

You are invited to the launch of this stirring new work, with a video installation by Dayna McLeod.

5 a 7
Thurs Nov. 1
OBORO gallery (4001 Berri)
Wine, eats, special guests

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