Programme 2014 / Caldera

We highly recommend that you process your application online by either going to Caldera’s application page in Artist in Residence section or directly to
Each complete application should include the following items:
Your work sample is the most important part of your application.
__ Caldera’s Artist in Residence Application Form
__ Project Description
Provide a one-page, clearly written description of the project you plan to pursue during your time at Caldera. Please be specific and frank about your needs. Note that the goal of working on the creative process is as valid as working toward specific products. Please indicate how Caldera might be particularly important to your work.
__ Resume/Curriculum Vitae
Include your résumé or curriculum vitae, limited to two pages in length, listing important professional achievements.
__ Work Sample
Provide a sample of work finished within the last three years. Please note that work samples are the primary concern of the panels when assessing applications. On, many file formats are accepted. We recommend that if you have a work sample of a movie or performance that has a link to website or that you can load and link to a website (vimeo or youtube) that you list the link to that site, your name, title of the work and any necessary passwords to access the website on a one-page document. If you mail your submission, please burn .jpg or .mov work samples on a DVD or CD that is compatible with both PC and Mac. Make sure these are unlocked and can be burned for the juries. Please test all work samples before sending.

Literature–A short story, essay, chapter of a novel, 10 poems, or an act of a play or one script, not to exceed 20 pages and labeled with your name and year of completion. No staples or binding. Visual Arts–One set of up to 10 images. (Please do not send hard copies or slides.) Please Indicate your name and year of completion. Music, Dance or Theater– One exemplary piece. 

Interdisciplinary–A representative sample of your work; use guidelines for most relevant disciplines to decide scope/form of your sample. Collaborative–Please apply with the same project description, work sample and Outreach Participation Form. All participating artists in the collaboration must provide their own application form, résumé/CV, references and application fee. If there is not an existing work sample with the collaboration, each artist in the proposed collaboration should submit their own work sample. See above for guidelines.
Please note: For best submissions, use If you want to email your submission, please first contact Artist in Residence Manager, Elizabeth Quinn at References may be sent electronically.
__ References
Provide letters of support from two professionals in your field who can speak about you and your work (see following Reference Forms). You may include them with your application, or they can be sent directly from your reference to Caldera by the June 15 deadline.
__ Outreach Participation Form
Caldera’s Artists in Residence Program honors artists’ need for time and space during their residency. Even so, we highly encourage our artists to contribute to our mission as a youth arts organization by devoting some time to interacting with our youth and/or the local community. Please see Outreach Participation Form for more information.
__ $35 application fee
Credit card payments are easily made when submitting online through Check or money orders (in U.S. dollars) may be made payable to Caldera. For Visa, MasterCard or American Express payment, please call our office (503-937-7438). To be considered, applications must be postmarked or uploaded through by midnight June 15, 2013.
Online submissions:
Send via post to:
Artists in Residence Program
31500 Blue Lake Drive
Sisters, Oregon 97759
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