Lancement de la monographie de Diane Borsato, le vendredi 2 novembre à 17h30 à la librairie Formats

La librairie Formats est heureuse de vous inviter au lancement d’une monographie sur l’œuvre de Diane Borsato, publiée par la Art Gallery of York University, le vendredi 2 novembre dès 17h30.
Description (en anglais) —Collaborating with a varied cast of characters — beekeepers, mycologists, astronomers, physicists, bees, cats, snowballs, tango dancers, passersby, plants, curators, hotel porters — Canadian artist Diane Borsato creates works that propose eccentric models for relating to one another and to the world. For her project Italian Lessons, she attempted to learn Italian by learning salsa, physics, first aid and beekeeping by way of Italian instruction. In Terrestrial/Celestial, Borsato coordinated an unconventional exchange of observational practices — from opposite ends of the scale — between amateur mycologists and amateur astronomers. In a new work, Walking Studio, Borsato proposes a different space for research and reflection with her mobile field study lab, comprised of a study center and fully functional sauna. This full-colour, hard-cover book is published to accompany a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of York University in 2012.
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Diane Borsato
Dirigé par Stephanie Springgay ; introduction par Philip Monk ; textes de Diane Borsato, Emelie Chhangur, Stephanie Springgay, Darren O’Donnell et Scott Watson.
Edition : Art Gallery of York University
ISBN : 9780921972648
Price: $30.00 / 8,25 x 10,75 po. / 112 pages / 31 août 2012


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