Lancement de «COCO X LOVE WITH STRANGER featuring VITA COCO + COCO LIBRE» à Formats

Please join us this Friday November 16th from 5pm-8pm for the Montreal launch of Coco x Love with Stranger, a new book by artist Margaret Haines. Margaret will read at the event. She will also present an accompanying sound installation with compositions by artist Patrick Dyer, and a performance with two athletes, Michelle and Brenna, who will be refreshed with the beverages VITA COCO and COCO LIBRE.

VITA COCO and COCO LIBRE and RHUM will be served.

Coco x Love With Stranger, a new publication by Los Ang

eles-based artist Margaret Haines (, is one in a series of ‘trailers’ for her forthcoming feature-length film Coco.

The book Coco x Love With Stranger explores different tropes of female identity – mixing personas, identities, some parafictional, some actual. Based on the narrative structure of Don Quixote, the book revolves around three female protagonists—Coco, a character that appears in Haines’ forthcoming film; Los Angeles artist and cult figure, Cameron (1922-1995), famed for her role in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome; and Haines’s own ruminations.

Coco x Love With Stranger is a 144 page soft-cover perfect-bound book published by New Byzantium in an edition of 500. Printed on newsprint in color and black and white, its format references 1980s teenage pulp novels. The film and its soundtrack (composed by artist Patrick Dyer) will be released in Spring 2013, on a usb silicone necklace made in collaboration with designer Arielle de Pinto (

Margaret Haines is a Los Angeles-based installation artist, performer, and filmmaker born in Montreal, Canada. She holds an MFA in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts (2010), and a BFA from Concordia University (2007). Margaret has exhibited work at LACE, Commonwealth&Council, and Cirrus in Los Angeles, the Harcoza store and gallery in Tokyo, and at the McCord Museum and the Museum for Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto. She is currently a Visiting Artist Professor within the Photography Department at Concordia University in Montreal.



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