En résidence au centre SAGAMIE : Jillian Mcdonald

Video still: «Screen Kiss – Daniel Day Lewis», 2005

My art practice follows three increasingly interlaced avenues ? video, web art, and public intervention. I have also begun to work in other media, such as drawing, installation, and photography, where conceptually appropriate. In my media work I plot juxtapositions in popular and official North American culture. I am becoming increasingly interested in film genre and language, the cult of celebrity, and the fantasy that propels extreme fandom. My latest work is an ongoing conceptual project in which the object of my obsession is actor Billy Bob Thornton. Much of my video is performative and relational. I am interested in obsession, poetics, identity, language, and pop-culture. My conscious exhibition strategies engage an audience comprised of a very general public that is not necessarily expecting art or gathered in established arts venues. I interrupt the flow of quotidian public exchange, inviting strangers into momentary relationships. I create websites that infiltrate and participate in online fan culture, offer advice to strangers from storefronts, and find reasons to enter into the homes of strangers. Sylvie Fortin (Art Papers magazine, Sept / Oct 2005) writes of my practice, «relationships are her medium, fleeting encounters her material».

At Sagamie I will work on my ongoing project titled «Me and Billy Bob».


Jillian Mcdonald lives and works in New York. Her work has been shown recently at The Whitney Museum’s Artport; Year Zero One in Toronto; Manifestation d’Art Internationale de Québec; 404 International Festival of Electronic Art in Argentina; BananaRAM in Italy; The Sundance Online Film Festival in Park City, Utah; The Cleveland International Performance Art Festival; La Biennale de Montréal; ISEA 2004 in Talinn, Estonia; and the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie in France. Solo and 2-person shows in 2004-5 included Video Pool in Winnipeg, Edge Media in St John’s Newfoundland, TPW in Toronto (presented at The Drake Hotel), YYZ in Toronto, and vertexList in Brooklyn.

Mcdonald has received grants from The Canada Council for the Arts, Soil New Media, Turbulence, The Gunk Foundation, NYSCA, The Experimental Television Center, Thirdplace.org, and Pace University. She lectures in North America and Europe about her work and has attended numerous residencies including DAIMON and La Chambre Blanche in Québec, Emmedia in Calgary, and Harvestworks in New York City.

Recently, she happily discovered playing the piano, backpacking, rock climbing, and running half marathons with. Some of her favourite people are strangers

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