En résidence au centre SAGAMIE : Ingrid Bachmann

En résidence au centre SAGAMIE
Ingrid Bachmann

Henna/ L’henné, Ingrid Bachmann 2006
détail. Video Installation

I am an artist primarily working in installation and interactive works. I work with all levels of technology from redundant to digital media. I like to work site-specifically but as those situations are often difficult to come by, I also try to create the unique experience of site specificity and installation in smaller works. Site-specific work is by necessity influenced by architecture, space and place. But place is not only bound by tangible measurements of distance, width, and length. Place is also shaped by social and cultural forces as well as the memories individuals bring to the space. In my installation work, I try to create immersive and often generative experiences that engage many, if not all the senses and to give a strong sense of the viewer’s own body in this space. The works accentuate the physical characteristics of the space, its architectural features and specificities, as well as the site’s past histories and possible future uses. I like to amplify gestures so the experience can be somewhat surreal. My aim is not to transform the space beyond recognition, but to heighten awareness, both of the space itself, its histories as well as the viewer’s physical experience in the space.

Ingrid Bachmann is an artist whose work spans a range of practices and media. She is interested in the complicated relationship between the material and virtual realms. This interest is expressed through a studio practice, writing, lecturing, and organizing events and exhibitions. She uses redundant, as well as new technologies, to create generative and interactive artworks, many of which are site-specific. She is presently Associate Professor in Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and is the co-editor of Material Matters, a critical anthology.

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