Collectif Iris Film Collective, présentation le jeudi 16 octobre à 19h au Studio de Daïmôn


Daïmôn est fier de présenter les plus récentes oeuvres en cinéma du collectif Iris Film Collective qui inclura une performance en 16 mm de l’artiste en résidence, Alex MacKenzie. Iris Film Collective est un groupe de créateurs indépendants basé à Vancouver.

Cet événement propose une sélection des plus récents travaux du collectif, avec en première partie, une oeuvre en cours d’Alex MacKenzie, co-fondateur du collectif Iris Collective.
(TRT ~ 60 mins)

Span  Alex MacKenzie, 16mm analytic X 2, 2014 (work in progress)
Panoramic renderings of the vernacular landscape created on negative 16mm print stock.

7246 120 WE  John Woods,16mm, 2:17 mins, 2012
Shot in the alleys and side streets of East Vancouver, this is a movie about the limitless potential held in a Sunday bike ride and a roll of film found behind the filmmaker’s house.

Ice Cream  Sydney Southam,16mm/digital, 4:40 mins, 2010
Using 16mm family film footage from the 1940s through the ’70s, this piece explores memory, death and the loss of childhood innocence through the metaphor of ice cream.

Blind Spot  Amanda Thomson, Super 8/digital, 9:26 mins, 2013
A woman’s voice sketches out an enigmatic romance while the Super 8 camera gets lost in the patterns of sunlight on windswept leaves and water, ultimately abandoning nostalgia and memory for a moment suspended in the eternal present.

Hyborian Witch  Alex MacKenzie, 16mm found footage/NASA, 3 mins 2013
A found footage film culled from the harvest, and married to a track from Kensington Gore’s debut release.

Night Walk  John Woods, 16mm, 5:39 mins, 2014
In the wee hours, an insomniac wanders the night, driven crazy by the light. Shot on Tri-X Super 8 film, edited in camera and blown up to 16mm onto high contrast film stock.

Night Visions  Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty, 16mm/digital, 12:35 mins 2013
Developed as an audio/visual conversation about psychic energy, sleep cycles and synaesthesia, resulting is a haunting spell of color and rhythm. Sound by Lux Petrova.

Winter  Lisa G Nielsen, Super8/digital, 6:40 mins, 2014
Homage to winter, and life north of the Arctic Circle…. and what that means. Contains footage of Joel Peter and audio of Brandon Kyikavichik.

Devonian Mirage  Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty, Super8/digital, 5 mins, 2013
The Drumheller badlands are ancient tropical seas from the Devonian period, 419.2–358.9 million years ago. The Beluga whale’s ancient ancestor’s first appeared 34 million years ago, and swam in tropical waters

Shifter  Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty, Super8/digital, 4:44 mins, 2014
A study of colour, a cycling of hues. A strange, fluid motion. Shifter manifests itself as smooth trails progressively fading into repetition.

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