AA Bronson quitte la direction de Printed Matter

Six ans après avoir pris la direction de Printed Matter, une importante librairie indépendante de New York, AA Bronson annonce qu’il quitte ses fonctions. Le fondateur du collectif General Idea se consacrera en effet à des projets personnels, dont l’exposition Haute culture, une rétrospective du collectif qui a lieu en février 2011 au Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris. 

Fondé en 1976, Printed Matter est un OBNL new-yorkais dont le mandat est de promouvoir, distribuer et produire des livres d’artiste et d’autres publications liées au domaine des arts visuels.

Catherine Krudy, directrice administrative de Printed Matter depuis 2006, prendra la relève, à titre de directrice générale, suite au départ de AA Bronson.
AA Bronson quittera ses fonctions après la New York Art Book Fair, qui se tiendra du 4 au 7 novembre prochain et à laquelle la Librairie Art Actuel du RCAAQ participe pour la troisième année consécutive. 

Printed Matter announces the resignation of AA Bronson as Chief Executive of the organization.

Philip Aarons, Chair of the Printed Matter Board, said: “AA Bronson has accomplished a remarkable transformation of our institution over the last six years by bringing a clear, new relevance to young artists while consistently celebrating what was best in our past. The move to a cool, highly visible Chelsea storefront, the revival of our publishing program, the excellence of our exhibitions and perhaps most significantly, his tireless work in the creation and expansion of The NY Art Book Fair have made Printed Matter matter again.”

Formerly Treasurer of the Board, Mr. Bronson left the Board in 2004 and joined the staff on a temporary basis to resolve the financial and administrative problems that had been plaguing the organization. A position that was originally intended to last six months grew to six years, a period during which Mr. Bronson redesigned the financial and administrative structure of the organization while expanding its program. He continues as an advisor to Printed Matter, and looks forward to returning to the Printed Matter Board after a hiatus of some months. Printed Matter is one of New York City’s oldest and most venerable artist-run non-profits, founded by a group of artists and art workers in 1976.

Mr Bronson is departing to spend time on personal projects, especially Haute Culture, the retrospective of General Idea that opens at the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris in February, 2011. He is studying for His Master of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary, and will continue in his position of Artistic Director of the Institute for Art, Religion, and Social Justice, which he founded at Union in 2008. Finally, he intends to devote more time to his practice as an artist and healer. Septembre Editions (Paris) will launch his new publication AA Bronson’s GayHouse later this month. And Creative Time will launch his book Queer Spirits, a collaboration with Peter Hobbs, early in the new year.

AA Bronson will remain at Printed Matter until after this year’s NY Art Book Fair, the non-profit fair that he founded as a Printed Matter project in 2006. This year’s Fair features 285 exhibitors from 24 countries, and will be presented at MoMA PS1 from November 5 to 7, with a preview on November 4. www.nyartbookfair.com

Printed Matter’s Board of Directors announced that Catherine Krudy, currently Printed Matter’s Director, will become Acting Executive Director. Ms Krudy has worked under AA Bronson’s direction at Printed Matter since 2006. She has contributed to every aspect of the organization, and has been essential to the reinvention of Printed Matter and to the growth and development of the NY Art Book Fair. She has been planning with AA Bronson over the past year to effect this transition.

AA Bronson said: “Catherine Krudy brings a boundless energy and optimism to Printed Matter. On the eve of Printed Matter’s 35th anniversary, it is time to pass the organization along to a younger generation. Catherine Krudy is the ideal candidate to lead us into the future.”

Photograph of AA Bronson by Ari Marcopoulos

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