Vidéographe sera présent au Supermarket à Stockholm en avril prochain

Supermarket 2019 Foreruns Stockholm Art Week

Stockholm Independent Art Fair steps ahead of Stockholm Art Week and takes place one week prior on 4–7 April 2019 in a new venue ‘Sickla Front’. Press viewing and Professional preview will be held on 3 April and the public opening of the fair on 4 April. Read on for teaser of the preselected exhibitors, introduction to new networking programme SUPERMARKET FORUM and the yearly theme ‘Temporary Moratorium: All Allowed?’.

The fair will host up to 45 exhibitors from approximately 25 countries. Some of the newly invited galleries are Patara Gallery from Tbilisi, Georgia, Matca Art Space from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Galería Experimental Liliput from Puebla, Mexico, Ideas Bloc from Vilnius, Lithuania or A.C.S from Seoul, the Republic of Korea. From the UK come for the first time the well-established London-based Turps Art School and Centrala from Birmingham. Following Supermarket’s research trip in Canada, this year we have three Canadian exhibitors: a returning veteran Ed Video Media Arts Centre from Guelph, who exhibited three times at Supermarket in 2012–14, and a new coming Vidéographe from Québec and Triple Seven from Gatineau. SUPERMARKET 2019 hopes to host four Russian exhibitors, all of whom will participate for the first time – FFTN and Kropotkina 11 from Saint Petersburg, LAN from Moscow and cx – soyuzhudozhnikov from Perm. The full list of exhibitors will be announced in February.

The theme of SUPERMARKET 2019 is ‘Temporary Moratorium: All Allowed?’. It ponders the normative behaviour in contemporary art and its relation to the world outside: what standardised norms has art acquired today, what taboos does it deal with, what are the ever changing, unwritten and market-driven rules that contemporary art either crosses – or dares not, and what influence can this self-contained bubble really have on wider audience?
Read the full text about the theme on our website.

SUPERMARKET 2019 introduces a new programme event for art professionals, the SUPERMARKET FORUM. SUPERMARKET FORUM is a one-day networking event for exhibitors, professional networking participants and invited guests – curators, gallerists, art managers, institutions and art organisers from the contemporary Swedish art sector. The programme allows the exhibitors to meet representatives of Swedish art scene, present their projects in depth and talk to other participants and guests within a simple framework focused on establishing new connections. SUPERMARKET Forum will take place on 4 April.

SUPERMARKET 2019 continues to widen its public programme TALKS & PERFORMANCE and brings in international guests to contribute to panel discussions, presentations and performance art during the whole art fair.

For individual professionals from the arts sector remains the Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP) with its focus on exchange of knowledge and experience from within the artist-run art scene.

The goal of Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is to provide a showcase of artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks on Swedish and international art scene. It is an art fair that strives to offer the visitor an experience rather than focusing on sales. Artist-run galleries that regularly display public exhibitions in their own spaces, and other artists’ initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at Supermarket.

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