Rencontre entre les représentants de CARFAC et ceux du Service des arts visuels du Conseil des Arts du Canada le 7 décembre prochain au sujet du nouveau programme d’aide aux artistes en arts visuels

This release is to inform you that CARFAC has set a meeting with the Canada Council to discuss the community’s concerns with its newly proposed grant program for Visual Artists.

The meeting is due to occur on December 7th, 2004, and is confirmed by the Canada Council that it will be taking place in advance of any presentation on the subject to the Council’s Board of Directors. Council also confirms that the first meeting at which such a presentation will be made is currently scheduled for March, 2005.

Many individuals and organizations have written to CARFAC directly and publicly to protest the grant program proposal by Council as generated from their recent consultations. These opinions are generally consistent with position CARFAC has taken on these matters, and will be represented strongly, and fairly.

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