Farm Studio

Artists of all disciplines creating in any media are welcome to apply: dance, theatre, music, sound, performance art, writing, painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles, culinary, photography, video/film, animation, architecture, sculpture (any material), ceramics, mixed-media / multi-media, interdisciplinary, installation, other new/alternative media, etc. Researchers, curators, and art critics are also welcome to apply. Open to emerging and established artists.

Please see Farm Studio’s Facebook page to see artists’ activities in 2019-2020:

Farm Studio was founded to realize the creative potential of exchange, dialogue and collaboration between Indian rural artists and artisans and international contemporary artists. Locally, Farm Studio promotes and celebrates community artistic and cultural identity and supports community-based activities.

Farm Studio international artist residency’s aim is to provide a rural open platform where creativity can unfold. The tranquil Farm Studio environment provides an idyllic setting for artists seeking time, space, and new inspiration to generate resources for their art practices; artists create in a unique atmosphere and entirely new environment free from accustomed distractions. In it’s 4th year hosting international artist residencies, Farm Studio is currently partnering with Hinge Arts Projects, a Canadian art company, for residencies, projects and outreach programs.

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