Galerie d’art Foreman

The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is committed to art presentation and discourse, as well as the exploration of cultural diversity. The Gallery achieves its goals through its programming of exhibitions of contemporary and current art by professional artists. These exhibitions are presented with the objective of generating curiosity, revisiting history, and provoking public debate on cultural and social issues. Through its Community Art Lab it seeks to redefine the limits of museum work by engaging with issues common to artists and gallery visitors through films, discussion groups, workshops and presentations.

The Foreman Art Gallery shows the work of professional visual artists in innovative ways, focusing on thematic curated exhibitions part of the following series: Social Currents (thematic curated group exhibitions); New Voices (highlight on an emerging female artist); Carte Blanche (regionally-focused curated group exhibitions); and community-based exhibitions (participatory projects). The gallery also produces a graduating fine arts student exhibition each spring.

Since 1998, the Foreman Art Gallery has produced more than 40 bilingual exhibition booklets, self-guided tour booklets and leaflets, edited catalogues, and group and solo exhibition catalogues. Of these, the following are noteworthy examples: Irene F. Whittome: Conversation Adru (winner of a Graphika prize, 2007); Denyse Thomasos: Epistrophe (winner of a Graphika prize, 2007); and At the Crossroads of Art and Medicine (winner of a Graphika Prize 2009).

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