Occurrence, espace d’art et d’essai contemporains

Spécifications techniques
Occurrence dispose de deux aires d’exposition : voir le lien pour le plan :  (voir plans)

Soumission de dossiers
Les appels de dossiers se font en septembre et octobre, le comité de sélection se réunissant en novembre.



Occurrence is dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art, with a focus on photography and image practices. Its program is selected through a committee of peers made up of artists and active participants in the arts community with varied viewpoints. Renewed each year, this committee ensures a diverse program that reflects current issues.

Founded in 1989, Occurrence is a not-for-profit organisation with a unique mandate in the Quebec cultural scene. Its name, meaning “what arrives in contingent ways”, carries a vision based on emergent practices and those that marked its history, actualising them to reveal their transformation in time.

Based on a reflection focused on the mandate and governance led by advisory committees and the Board of Directors, here are the orientations chosen for the next four years:
Focus on programming diversity, both in terms of practices and career stages, with a focus on photography and image practices;
Express contemporaneity and spontaneity in programming, by integrating curatorial projects and unscheduled activities;
Foster continuity with exhibitions by artists who have impacted on the history of Occurrence;
Develop international exchanges with foreign partners to inspire new practices;
Collaborate with local centers and events to share expertise, outreach, and support joint projects;
Increase visibility by prioritising diffusion, publication and online presence.

These dynamic axes are based on partnerships and a strengthened governance. With its flexible functioning, in which works and words circulate freely, Occurrence embodies the explorative spirit that initiated the first artists run centers in Quebec, a mission more current than ever.

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