L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes

Équipements / services offerts

– Laboratoire numérique
– Impression numérique
– Sérigraphie
– Gravure en creux et en relief
– Lithographie sur plaque
– Salle multifonctionnelle

L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes is a production space dedicated to print and photographic practices.
L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes came to life in 2016 with the integration of le Cabinet, espace de production photographique and Atelier Graff. Drawn by the desire to rethink the role and operation of the artist-run centre within the cultural ecosystem, these two organizations joined their strengths, knowledge, and resources to set up a new platform for experimentation, research and creation that responds to the needs of creators.

The centre welcomes artists and creators from all domains (visual arts, illustration, publishing, performing arts and others) regardless of their ability. L’imprimerie offers its members working spaces as well as resources and specialized expertise as part of a personalized approach that encourages professional development. It provides residencies, classes, exchanges and support tailored to the needs of its community, which together spark research and the transfer of knowledge. L’imprimerie also favours the use of processes and products that are non-toxic or harmful to the environment, and builds on collaborations with other organizations to improve its activities.

Equipment and services

– Digital lab
– Digital printing
– Screen printing
– Intaglio and relief printing
– Plate lithography
– Multi-pupose room

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