Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)

Heures de bureau

Du mardi au vendredi de 10h à 17h

Statut : membre associé


Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) is a non-profit artist-run distribution, exhibition and production centre founded in 1975. Our mandate is to acquire, distribute and disseminate independent videos and multimedia projects directed by women artists. Our point of departure, founded on social questions/issues, gave rise to hybrid videos that trouble the relationships between public(s), artists and creations.

Our collection contains 780 titles that circulate in festivals, libraries, art galleries, museums and centres and events with social and or cultural foci in Quebec and internationally.
GIV is also an access centre and is an ideal venue to watch videos, take workshops, make copies, obtain information, meet with other artists, researchers or curators, and use equipment. GIV’s space serves multiple functions. We offer affordable rates for access to recent technologies.

GIV maintains a policy of assisting artists through a coproduction program and the rental of production and/or editing equipment.

We regularly premiere new acquisitions to our collection. GIV board and staff members have developed a series of activities to showcase media artworks with an emphasis on ongoing established programs such as Vidéos de femmes dans le parc (VFP), Topovidéographies, Laissez-Passer and newer ones such as The Vault. Topovidéographies and Laissez-Passer are designed as flexible series for which invited guests and/or the staff curator can choose what they would like to present. VFP and The Vault are curated programs of videos selected from open call submissions. The 2008-2009 calendar presents a series of programming activities (video tours, presentations) in collaboration with artists from different disciplines, with groups and with invited curators.

Hours of operation
Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Since 1975, GIV has offered artists the ways and means of production as technologies have evolved and shifted. We play an important role by offering workshops to update skill sets. We distinguish ourselves by offering access to technology for women outside of classical production structures.

Status: Associate member

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