Engramme is an artist-run centre which has been dedicated for over thirty years to the dissemination and production of original work in printmaking. Its programming spans several areas of activity, some related to the development of expertise in printmaking techniques, others dealing with the production of work seeking to expand the artistic and conceptual possibilities of the medium. Engramme comprises a gallery, three production studios (etching, lithography, silkscreening), a digital imaging lab, a store selling specialized materials and a documentation centre dedicated to printmaking.

Every year, Engramme presents approximately ten solo or group exhibitions of Canadian and international artists and hosts up to three artists-in-residence. In addition to these specific programs, we provide artists with access to different means ensuring the continued support and development of their work (specialized training grants, technical workshops, internships and exchanges with other printmaking organizations) and the integration of the work of emerging artists (grants, specific competitions, exhibitions within La vitrine de la relève, a platform for emerging artists).

Approximately five times a year, Engramme distributes La Morsure, an information bulletin about the centre’s activities, as well as Les encarts, analytical texts on the subject of recent exhibitions. Over the past twenty or so years, Engramme has published 10 catalogues or box sets of prints, usually created in conjunction with group shows, as well as the two books Engramme, 25 ans d’estampe à Québec and Sol majeur.

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