Atelier Silex


Centre de production et de diffusion en sculpture et en arts visuels, l’Atelier Silex se consacre à toutes les pratiques qui sollicitent la matière et l’espace: sculpture, installation, performance, multimédias et intégration des arts à l’architecture et à l’environnement.


Since its founding in 1983, L’Atelier Silex has functioned as a non-profit organization whose mandate is to provide its members with a setting conducive to artistic enquiry and dissemination in the field of contemporary art. It seeks to promote and develop artists’ social and professional interests and to act as a critical agent in the cultural milieu. L’Atelier Silex was born of the need on the part of numerous individuals for access to specialized equipment for sculpting stone. Nearly twenty years later, with sculpture having gone through a period of upheaval both in terms of its form as well as in its ideological approaches, L’Atelier Silex has evolved not only at the level of the development of its equipment, in order to enable the use of various materials, but especially in the way it has elaborated a program of artistic enquiry. This latter is seen in its study of various concepts in contemporary art through the organization of public talks, interdisciplinary events and public artistic activities and by developing a residency program which has served a good number of national and international artists. We encourage experimental projects which confront us with the wide variety of uses of space seen in contemporary sculpture and installation. At the same time, we take into account the fact that other artistic disciplines tend to blend with contemporary sculptural practices and that the boundaries between disciplines are increasingly blurred. These new ways of working are a constant concern of ours. The residence consists of a furnished studio-style bedroom with access to a shared kitchen.

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