Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

The primary mission of the Musée is to showcase the creativity of Quebec artists and to present their work in a unique fashion.

In the galleries dedicated to the history of Quebec, in those that pay tribute to specific artists such as Jean-Paul Riopelle and Alfred Pellan, and in the gallery housing the Brousseau Inuit Art Collection, you will witness not only the richness of the museum’s gathering of works, but also the artists’ singular vision of their life and times and environment, in your own moving journey of artistic discovery. The temporary exhibitions are windows on international art from Europe, the Americas and around the world, in a palette ranging from the great artistic traditions of the past to the art of today.

The Musée is located at the heart of Battlefields Park, a breathtakingly beautiful site perched above the St. Lawrence River. Through the architecture of its buildings, you will also partake of another kind of history, from the beaux-arts style of the Gérard-Morisset pavilion, the original Musée, built in the late 1920s, to the Charles-Baillairgé pavilion, the former Québec Jail, and a stark reminder of the harshness of prison life in the 19th century. And very soon, history will continue with the planned expansion of the Musée.

From gallery to gallery, you will see superb exhibition design at the service of artistic expression at its best, and the books and exhibition catalogues at the Boutique du Musée will enhance the experience made possible by an exceptional team.

Come discover and share our love of art and our soaring passion for Quebec art.

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