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Fondé en 1987, le Centre de diffusion 3D est une corporation sans but lucratif dont les objets sont de publier la revue Espace — un périodique trimestriel ayant pour objectif d’analyser l’art de la sculpture, d’informer et d’éduquer le public et de traiter de tout autre sujet se rapportant à la sculpture —, et de mettre sur pied ou de prendre part à des événe­ments sur la sculpture actuelle.

Depuis sa fondation, le CDD3D a mené plusieurs actions qui ont confirmé son dynamisme et sa pertinence en tant qu’intervenant majeur au sein du milieu des arts visuels.


The mandate of ESPACE magazine is to present and promote contemporary sculpture through analysis and reflection. ESPACE is the only journal in Canada devoted to this disciplinary field. Texts are published in both French and English.

Published in Montreal, ESPACE’s objective is to serve the artistic community across Canada, while engaging with the international scene through foreign correspondents.

Founded in 1987, ESPACE is an important resource for research, knowledge and information addressed to artists, collectors, students and teachers as well as to people working in the cultural milieu and art enthusiasts.

Some of the recent thematic issues have been Sculpture and Humour, Words in Sculpture and Horror in Art.

As for the visual presentation, ESPACE has always been concerned with having high quality graphic design and has received the “Prix d’excellence” from the Société de développement des périodiques culturels québécois (SODEP). ESPACE’s design concept focuses on creativity, producing the best possible layout to make reading stimulating and enjoyable while presenting generous visual documentation.


Founded in 1987, the Centre de diffusion 3D (CDD3D) is a non-profit organisation whose mandate is to promote contemporary sculpture. The CDD3D publishes the art magazine ESPACE— a quarterly dedicated entirely to informing and educating the public on various topics relating to sculpture. The centre also organises or takes part in contemporary sculpture events. Regarding the latter part of its mandate, the CDD3D created in 2000 a new affiliate, the Centre d’Art Public (CAP). This organisation has the mandate of putting foward and developing several events connected with public art which stimulate reflection and the exchange of new ideas.

Since their founding, the CDD3D and the CAP have organised numerous activities establishing themselves as significant and dynamic contributors to the visual arts milieu.

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