Ouverture de Prague Biennale 5, le jeudi 19 mai en République Tchèque

Curated by Marius Tanasescu.
Is it true that “works of art are not merely representations of the way things are, but actually produce a community’s shared understanding,” like Heidegger asserted? Is homo artisticus canadensis participating on it, as an effective thespian?
ARTISTS: Adad Hannah, CA; Mathieu Lefèvre, CA; Aude Moreau, CA; Cécile Martin, CA & Francisco López, ES; David Spriggs, CA; Ève K. Tremblay, CA

Prague Biennale 5 / Prague Biennale Photo 2 will open on May 19, 2011 and will run until September 11, 2011. After three editions in the magnificent Karlin Hall, the next edition of the biennial will be held at Microna, a futuristic building that for many years was a factory for aircraft engines.

This new space will bring new ideas and new energy, confirming the Prague Biennale as the only place in Central Europe for what is interesting, new, emerging and groundbreaking.

The fifth edition of the biennial will be divided in three macro-sections: «Expanded Painting,» «Art In General» and «Padiglione.» With a structure reminiscent of a Chinese Box, each macro-section is divided into smaller sections, each of them organized by an international curator appointed by Prague Biennale directors Giancarlo Politi and Helena Kontova.

Art in General is the second macro-section of Prague Biennale. There is a
particular focus on the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, as well as on India,
which is featured for the first time in the Czech Republic with a special survey
“Crossroads: India Escalate” that includes 22 artists.

You will find the same attitude and attention to regions in the third macro section, Padiglione, will feature a selection of Italian artists.

Continuing the first edition inaugurated last year, the second edition of Prague Biennale Photo will spotlight the emerging scene in the field of photography in the Czech Republic and internationally.

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