À l’international, OPTICA s’est distingué par des commissariats d’exposition en Europe et aux États-Unis, de même que par sa participation à la foire d’art Artforum Berlin.

Heures d’ouverture

Bureau: du mardi au vendredi de 10h à 17h


Galerie 1 : 79,5 m2
Galerie 2 : 79,9 m2
Hauteur des plafonds : 3,96 m

Soumission de dossiers

28 février

Statut : membre régulier


Since its foundation in 1972, OPTICA has engaged in promoting contemporary art and raising the profile of Montreal on the national and international arts scenes. Every year, OPTICA presents a varied program of exhibitions, symposia, school-based workshops and encounters with the public, while investing in curated exhibitions based on themes developed and researched at the centre. In partnership with art3 (Valence, France), OPTICA’s residency program encourages the development of emerging practices. All these activities support critical reflection on current issues in art and stimulate the creation of new works, sustained and accompanied by the production of relevant publications. OPTICA’s new location in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood includes a documentation centre and a space for dialogue and exchange, the AGORA, which serves as a forum for encounters with the public, promoting exchange and dialogue on its exhibition, residencies and community projects.

Proposal are received annually, in winter. Proposals from artists and curators, as well as those from candidates applying for the research residency Montréal / Valence (FR) (for Québec residents only) are assessed by a committee.The centre also proceeds by invitation in order to remain flexible and current. Occasionally, the centre puts out thematic calls to curate exhibitions that group works featuring a variety of approaches.

Created in 1992, the OPTICA Archives are administered by Concordia University Archives. They consist of documents related to the centre’s programming activities since its founding. The public is invited to make an appointment with the librarian at Concordia University Archive or to consult the centre’s digital archives on our website under the Decades section http://www.optica.ca/decades/fonds_documentaire_en.php.
Internationally, OPTICA has distinguished itself with curatorial projects in Europe and the United States, as well as through its participation at the Art Forum Berlin international fair.

Opening hours
Offrice: Tuesday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM

Director : Marie-Josée Lafortune
Communications and archives coordinator : Julie Alary Lavallée
Cultural mediator : Marie-Laure Robitaille

Gallery Space
Galerie 1 : 79,5 m2
Galerie 2 : 79,9 m2
Ceiling Height : 3,96 m

Soumission de dossiers
February 28th

Status : Regulard member

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