L’Écart, lieu d’art actuel

Bureau administratif
9 x 5,1 m Deux ateliers d’artistes
8,9 x 6,9 m Salle d’exposition
Superficie : 6,94 x 13,84 m
Hauteur totale : 3,61 m
Hauteur libre : 3,10 m
Hauteur de la porte : 2,66 m
Plancher de bois franc
Éclairage halogène
Spécifications techniques

Le centre de diffusion est vaste et pourvu d’un système d’éclairage halogène. Des équipements audio-visuels sont mis à la disposition des artistes. Deux ateliers d’artistes attenant au centre sont également disponibles en location pour des périodes variant de six mois à un an.

Chambre mise à la disposition des artistes
Secrétariat et réception
Centre de documentation


Founded in 1992, L’Écart . . . lieu d’art actuel is an artist-run centre whose mandate is to make available to the public contemporary trends in every field of contemporary art. Nevertheless, it also aims to be more than an exhibition centre. It also serves as a centre for artist residencies and functions as a production centre (with artists’ studios and access to technology) and a centre of artistic enquiry, creation and exchange. The ultimate goal is that it be a place inhabited by artists and their quests. In this sense, it is with the goal of extending these activities that L’Écart exhibits the work of its artists and promotes various activities outside its own walls, both within and beyond the region. Its programming is devised from calls for submissions on a regional, national and international scale. Projects are selected by a jury of visual artists. Our remote location is an unavoidable aspect of our geographic reality, both within and beyond the region. As a result, L’Écart must privilege a policy of distance, of difference, of deviance and audacity. This vast territory must be seen as an advantage rather than as a hindrance, both here and beyond. L’Écart facilitates, promotes and supports the work of its artists and its dissemination by recognizing the specificity of the region’s production. It attempts to bring to light and promote divergent propositions, projects and ways of creating art. In addition, the centre maintains and reinforces its links beyond the region by working with individuals (such as curators and art historians and critics) and other artists’ centres.

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