La Bande Vidéo


La Bande vidéo’s brief history begins in 1977 with the creation of the Centre Populaire d’Animation Audio-Visuel de Québec. Born of a desire to provide the residents of Quebec City with access to audio-visual equipment, the CPAAVQ focused its efforts on social intervention in lower-income neighbourhoods of the city. In 1986, the centre broadened its mandate, changing its name to La Bande vidéo et film de Québec and supporting artistic activity by providing access to specialized film and video production equipment. In 1995 the group took the form in which it is known today. Leaving filmmaking behind, La Bande vidéo became an artist-run centre devoted to artistic creation, enquiry and experimentation in video and joined the cooperative Méduse. La Bande vidéo produces a major event: Vidéaste recherché-e. Presented for the first time in 1990, the Vidéaste recherché-e festival is both an event and a contest showcasing the work of young artists. La Bande vidéo has 3CCD digital cameras, lighting, sound and projection equipment, a screening room, a production studio and digital editing studios. Members receive discounts on equipment rentals and editing studios for independent and non-commercial projects. The centre offers various residency opportunities by inviting Canadian and foreign artists to take a new approach to video art. Because La Bande vidéo is a member of Méduse, resident artists have access to other centres with various areas of expertise. In addition to our mandate to support media artists, our doors are also open to artists working in other fields.

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