Atelier Circulaire

Heures d’ouverture
Galerie (lors d’expositions) :
Mercredi au samedi 12h à 17h

Atelier :
Mardi au vendredi 10h à 17h
Les membres ont accès en tout temps.

L’Atelier Circulaire invite les artistes professionnels de partout à travers le monde ayant une formation en arts imprimés à soumettre un dossier pour le programme de résidence d’artistes.

Projets d’exposition
Dans le cadre de sa programmation artistique, la Galerie de l’Atelier Circulaire invite les artistes professionnels et les commissaires de partout à travers le monde à soumettre un dossier pour un projet d’exposition. Le projet d’exposition doit intégrer les arts imprimés sur le plan technique et/ou conceptuel (techniques d’impression traditionnelles, de nouvelles technologies, ou mixtes).

Statut : membre régulier


L’Atelier Circulaire, founded in 1982, is an artist-run centre devoted to artistic enquiry, production and dissemination whose primary goal is to encourage artistic creation in the field of printed media. L’Atelier Circulaire aims to support the visibility of the contemporary print while at the same time encouraging the use of older techniques and new technologies. Since 1 May 2002, L’Atelier Circulaire has occupied a bright new space of 10,000 sq. ft., which is large enough to house a gallery and studios and is located in a neighbourhood in the midst of major changes, Montreal’s Mile End, where more and more artist-run centres, galleries and individual studios can be found.

L’Atelier Circulaire offers programs and services to the artistic community, young artists and the general public. It has studios with equipment which facilitates work and enquiry in the areas of copper-plate engraving, relief, collagraphy, lithography, typography, monotype, digital printing, photogravure, photo-lithography and polymers. Its general objectives consist in providing technical assistance, offering beginner’s and advanced courses to professional and younger artists, offering residencies to professional artists, disseminating and promoting the print by organizing exhibitions and public talks, raising the awareness of the general public by organizing guided tours of the gallery and the studios, supporting its members through the sale of their work. More than three hundred professional artists have worked at L’Atelier Circulaire on a regular or occasional basis.

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