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Looking for space to exhibit during the CONTACT 2011 Photography Festival?
The Gladstone Hotel in collaboration with Toronto’s SpeakEasy Event will once again produce a group exhibition entitled EXPOSED for the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival, which takes place in May 2011.
EXPOSED:will showcase the work of contemporary photographers (both established and emerging). In keeping with CONTACT 2011’s thematic focus; Figure and Ground, EXPOSED will showcase photographic works that investigate the ways photography dictates perception, directs our attention, delineates the ways we perceive environments and understand the world around us. The exhibition will be co-produced by the Gladstone
Hotel and SpeakEasy and curated by Britt Welter-Nolan and David Brown.
The Gladstone Hotel is renting second floor exhibition rooms and public gallery space to individuals or groups of photographers interested in participating in this Marque event. We invite innovative, cutting-edge photographers to submit expressions of interest. 
Please consider the exhibition context of the show. As much as you will be selling your work through Exposed, the installation of the work must be considered to best represent the thematic or conceptual pushes of your work. As we choose this work based on the artist, please include a brief description of your intent for the work as it related to the theme Pervasive Influence and your approach to installation.

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