Congrès régional de Resartis, du 23 au 26 mai à Debrecen en Hongrie

Horizons – Perspectives of Artist in Residencies

Res Artis Regional Meeting – International Conference on Artists in Residence hosted by MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Hungary

23-26 May 2011

Res Artis is the worldwide network of residential arts centres, a foundation based in the Netherlands. Its members are residence centres and artist’s organisations that encourage the development of contemporary art and support artists through residential artist exchange programs. With over 250 members from more than 60 countries it is the largest existing network of artist residency programs.

Res Artis provides a critical forum for residency programmes, convening international meetings and conferences where the exchange of ideas, practices and creative models test cultural assumptions and stimulate participants to open their institutions to new ways of creative interactions between the local and the global. Res Artis is promoting an understanding of the catalytic
role that residential art centres play in the development of arts in all cultures and across all creative media. 

After focusing on regions such as Asia, Africa and Amercia for diversification of the organisation, Res Artis has chosen to redirect the focus to Europe and especially Central and Eastern Europe. Res Artis aims to further dialogue on how to build a sustainable civil society in Europe across national borders.

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