Artists living and working in Montreal for its 2010 residency / Art Omi

Dear Montreal Artists,

Art Omi is seeking for applications from artists living and working in Montreal for its 2010 residency!

Every year, Antrev Management sponsors an artist from Montreal to attend the Art Omi residency. Travel and a stipend of US$350.00 is also included.

Though the annual deadline is Friday Dec. 11, Art Omi is extending the deadline for artists from Montreal to Thursday Dec. 17.

Interested artists should send their application by email as soon as possible, and not later than Thursday December 17, to be considered for the 2010 selection. Please send applications to:

Please visit the website for more information about the program:

Here is the direct link to the application guidelines and form:

Any questions, please write to Claudia Cannizzaro at

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